Economics in Snowden

  Snowden is a 2016 film that was just recently released on September 16th, 2016 and was directed by Oliver Stone, a famed American film director, writer, screenwriter, and producer. Snowden is about the life of Edward Joseph Snowden: an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency employee, former Defense Intelligence Agency employee, former National […]

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Economics in Foreign Film

The Fatal Encounter is a Korean movie from 2014 that was directed by Lee Jae-Gyu that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty, and tells the tale of the failed attempt of the assassination of the 22nd ruler named Jeongjo. Throughout the film, it reveals the hardships that lower class society, especially slaves and children of […]

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Security vs. Privacy

*in the form of a rhetorical précis* Tal Kopan, in her essay written on December 18th, 2015 from CNN, “Obama to Sign Cybersecurity Bill as Privacy Advocates Fume”, argues that even though there are many pros and cons to the cybersecurity bill, that the majority of society are against this bill. The cybersecurity bill allows […]

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