China No Longer Global Power in Manufacturing?

*in the form of a rhetorical précis*

Vivek Wadhwa, in his essay written on August 26th, 2016 from Washington Post, “Why China Won’t Own Next-Generation Manufacturing”, argues that China will not be the leading global power for industrial manufacturing due to China’s supply of industrial service robots originating from foreign countries including the United States and also because of its early technological and industrial advancements that will eventually make China unable to progress further and thus earn more profit. Wadhwa supports this statement by first releasing data about China’s economic, technological, and industrial developments in order to emphasize China’s sudden increase in technological advancement which acted as a double-edged sword, where though it temporarily boosted and transformed the country into the world’s top manufacturing power, that because of this sudden increase, China has stopped itself from further advancing due to reaching the limits of its labor and resources. Then Wadhwa reveals that China was able to maintain its global position as the leader of manufacturing due to its utilization of robots in the industry; however these robots are imported from various foreign countries including the Japan. Finally, Wadhwa states that because of the lack of emphasis on education in the national populace, the industrial workers will not be able to have the necessary communication and management skills and the ability to operate complex industrial machines. Wadhwa’s purpose is to reveal the possibility that China will not be ‘owning’ the next generation’s manufacturing period. He adopts a subdued tone where the audience can feel Wadhwa’s confidence that China will not be able to lead the global industry in manufacturing.

What other possible reasons would there be to cause China’s downfall in global manufacturing?Is China really facing it’s last moments as the global power in manufacturing? If so, what other country would take it’s place and why?

What do you think?


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