Irony in Ignorance

*in the form of a visual précis*

Thomas Hoepker, in his photograph taken during the terrorist attack by al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001,  depicts a sanguine and serene, yet dismal and desolate setting taken during the terrorist attack of al-Qaeda on multiple densely populated locations of the United States, but specifically in this picture on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The visual uses contrast in colors and in the arrangement of the subjects in the photograph in order to further emphasize his purpose for the photograph and Hoepker was able to create an ironic and dismal reality of the American mindset towards worldly, or out of his or her world, matters and events where the typical, banal reaction would be to refuse to see said hardship. Hoepker was able to support this statement by first using the two main and significant aspects in this photograph with both the use of colors and the arrangement of the subjects of the photo, then through the use of bright colors in the foreground help emphasize the ‘happiness’ and ‘peacefulness’ the people feel, meanwhile in the background there are varying dark colors – blues, browns, blacks – in order to create more of an emphasis on the contrast between the background and foreground. This causes a certain irony to be created and thus leading to an analysis that Hoepker is trying to convey that one’s ordinary and typical reaction-perspective towards a hardship that occurs in one life is to delve into one’s head and blissfully ignore what is in reality. Hoepker’s purpose is to  express to American society, through irony, to see the realities and the catastrophes that happen in the United States and know how it affects those who were related or involved in the disastrous events. He adopts a feeling of hypocrisy and compassion for the people of the United States.

Do you think that a country should feel responsible as a global power in taking care of and involving itself in the problems of a foreign country? If not, why and in what way should the country act in order to improve the world if other countries are in dire situations?

What do you think?


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