Satrical Depiction of GOP 2016

*in the form of a visual précis*

Mike Luckovich, in his political cartoon based on the United States presidential elections of 2016, depicts a satirical, famous scene from American culture that correlates with the events taking place in the Republican section of the presidential elections. The visual utilizes contrast in colors and the arrangement of the subjects in the photograph in order to further emphasize the ulterior meaning of the political cartoon, and Luckovich was able to create an ironic and even detrimental reality of the oblivious American people towards internal, national problems that lead to the sufferings of many: including those in government. Luckovich was able to support this statement by first utilizing a well-known artistic figment of American culture from the movie Star Wars in order to create a sense of drama and stoic-ness for the subjects of the political cartoon; and then Luckovich inputs Donald Trump, who is the forerunner for the Republicans, as Darth Vader – a villain – in order to express the Republican Party’s sentiments towards Trump: which is one of despise and embarrassment. Luckovich’s purpose is to convey the negative perspective of not only the general public but also the Republican party, towards the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, due to his actions and beliefs of racism, sexism, and other various forms of discrimination to the American people. He adopts a feeling of satire and condescendence towards Donald Trump and his ideals.

Do you agree with the standards and actions promised by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? Or do you believe that Luckovich’s depiction of the GOP of 2016 as both correct and accurate in its connotation and reputation with the American public?

What do you think?


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