Culture of Fear

WRITTEN BY MILLIE ZHANG¬† Prompt: Investigate what is meant by a “culture of fear” and the manner in which it is created. What occurs to create a culture of fear in Sierra Leone? Compare this to what would be “cool” about war. Before reading the following response to the prompt stated above, it would be […]

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Paine’s Perspective of America

There are a variety of intellectual movements in which the purpose of said movements was to express and convey the beliefs and opinions of the movements in order to persuade and convince other non-believers into coming to an agreement. Although there are numerous intellectual movements in which they are zealously advocated by modern supporters, there […]

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In Cold Blood

WRITTEN BY MILLIE ZHANG IN THE FORM OF A LITERARY LENS PAPER With the end of World War II, the United States entered a new state of and level in not only international political affairs but also social domestic ones. ¬†The culture of conformity and total sameness prevalent in the 1950s is a result of […]

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