Disadvantages of Marriage

*in the form of a rhetorical précis*

Sarah Wright, in her essay written on February 9th, 2016 from the Washington Post, “Why It’s Time to Stop Glorifying Marriage”, argues that marriage has changed from its original intention of love and unity to one where marriage is utilized for the qualities and forms of aid that it brings; and because of this change of the true purpose for marriage along with other disadvantages, Wright states that marriage in modern times is unnecessary and troublesome. Wright supports this statement by first utilizing two articles discussing about the inconvenient problems of marriage: “Rupert Murdoch & Jerry Hall: Why Marry?” by Peggy Drexler on CNN and “Singles Nation: Why So Many Americans Are Unmarried” by Stephanie Hanes on The Christian Science Monitor; then Wright states certain statistics that convey the average amount of time a person is married in his or her life and on how marriages are an economic disadvantage in certain aspects and advantageous in others; finally, Wright compares differing views of specific groups, such as conservatives and liberals, and libertarians and feminists, that have the same belief in the adversities of marriage. Wright’s purpose is to reveal the problems of marriage and one of the rational solutions to these problems which is to not glorify the traditional ideals of marriage so that the progeny will be able to express their love for each other and not have the economic disadvantages of marriage. She adopts a general and zealous tone for the American people, especially those from progeny.

What do you think about the traditional values of marriage? Should marriage progress as technology and other aspects of humanity?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Disadvantages of Marriage

  1. Does she mention traditional domestic roles for women in the past and the basically the huge pressure and emphasis on marriage. Women didn’t have as many opportunities now so marriage was a big goal and divorce seen as more sinful. Also for people wanting families, marriage is kind of important for more financial stability and making it harder for one partner to run off without legal consequences. What do you think?

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    1. Yes, Wright does mention traditional domestic roles women had in society in the past with ideologies including that of the “cult of domesticity”. And it is true that marriage is beneficial in gaining financial stability and limiting the actions of the person’s life-partner, but again it depends on the situation of the married.


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